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Knowing that Google is Master of the Universe when it comes to search engine use and new customers finding your business, it is vital to understand how important your Google My Business listings are to ranking
higher in Google search results. Claiming and verifying a separate Google My Business listing for each location of your business is the first and most basic step to local search engine optimization (SEO).

This is an easy way to ensure your business is visible and ranking in local search engine results. Google likes to keep things in-house as much as possible, so it favors its own accurate and current business listings when giving local search results to search users.

Complete and accurate Google My Business listings that keep their information up to date and get business reviews on their listings are rewarded with higher rankings.

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You have probably seen this before when searching in Google. It is usually what is shown right after the paid ads .

The image to the right is what is called the Google Map 3-Pack.

Getting your Listing to show here for particular keywords can literally mean a significant more phone calls and leads, and is usually more valuable than a 4-figure paid ad campaign!